College Projects

Sometimes College makes me do neat things.

Here are a handful of examples of projects from my classes.


Assembly Programming Prototype Game

Here’s a small prototype game made using the syntax of the Little Man Computer, an implementation of Assembly used for teaching. This was made over a few weekends for a computer hardware class with David Cheon.

The video was mostly explaining the problems we ran in to, and how we underestimated how complicated real-world examples of the components we discussed in class can be. That being said it still does a good job of showing off what we were able to complete. The code for the Arduino is done using C++, and the interface is done using JavaFX.


LL(1) Parser

This is an recursive-descent LL(1) Parser written in Java. The grammar is simple (detailed in the readme on the Github link), but still required an intuitive understanding of the techniques, data structures, and algorithms involved.

Link to Dr. Chung-Chih Li’s website, where the table and grammar are from.


Maze Generator / Solver

It’s not the most interesting, nor the most efficient project in the world. However, writing a program to generate and solve mazes still requires an intermediate knowledge of algorithms and data structures. It also has pretty colors, where the cross-fading scales with the size.

Note: I remove Source code on GitHub at my Professors’ request. All the code linked is written by me unless stated otherwise. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.